3rd grade Breakfast Club

School started less than 2 weeks ago. So far so good although its really hard to believe she’s in 3rd grade already. This is her first year in public school. Until now she has been in private school. Thanks to the economy and her private school closing due to enrollment drops and no funding, we took the plunge to public school also. She is bored with the work, but intrigued by the social culture she is experiencing. In so many ways she’s been sheltered away from conditions seen in public schools. Social class, troubled students, “mean kids” and mass hysteria @ class changng time to name a few. The first day, she came home, her two biggest stories were the lunch line and the policy for being dismissed to the restroom during class. I had forgotten how the cafeteria can be so it was a funny reminder of my past too. She’s adjusting well and really likes it. It was time to meet more friends, and learn to socialize in large groups. I felt like the older she got the harder that transition would be. Academically, she’s not challenged I don’t believe, partly because of the difference in public vs private curriculums. So far, 3rd grade is a review of 2nd for her. I explained, its only the 2nd week, maybe it IS a review and things will pick up. I am new to this too–so we will adjust and grow together this year. Her biggest bonus, the bus! She loves riding the bus!! Mom is getting pretty spoiled to not being so rushed in the mornings. I sit with her in the driveway waiting on the bus, then come in and get ready for work. Completely easier than running all over town @ 7am and hurrying home, dress for work, to run back out and drop off the little one, and then to work. By 9am I was exhausted everyday!! Someone would say “good morning” and I would think “MORNING? I’ve been running like a mad woman for hours” Everything’s working out. I’m thrilled so far. So proud of her for jumping right in and making a go of it. She’s a champ @ heart!!

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About tweenspot

I am like so many moms raising young girls, scared I'm doing the right thing and learning with pure amazement at the same time! I feel like I have become my mother (don't we all)..my favorite phrase is "today things are so different than when I/we grew up". The absolute hysteria in that phrase scares me too. I don't want to be scared. I like to think that as a professional, working, college educated women that I can embrace the world we live in. That's why I have been researching Tweens, what they like, do, what's hot and what's trends are going to cost me a fortune in the future! My little girls are the love of my life. By creating this blog, I want a safe internet place for girls and moms to share. This blog is in the infancy stage, but I have big plans for it. So stay tuned.... Read, enjoy, comment. Visit as often as you'd like. I hope together we can build a community for girls and moms to explore, learn and share with one another.

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