Moms’ lives get easier in 30 seconds or less.

I’m honored to be a contributor on the hottest new website for moms, In the instant gratification world we live in, we all need tips on the go. This site is designed for tips  to be read or watched in 30 seconds or less.  You can download a free app that makes getting these tips more convenient. Need help on something? click the app while sitting at dance or baseball practice and find everything you need. There are a variety of categories to choose from and you can customize your stream.

30 second mom was developed by Elisa All, founder of Iparenting Media. She has once again developed something for the benefit of all moms. Take 5 minutes for yourself and check it out.  Be sure to join the fun on twitter also:  @3osecondmom



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About tweenspot

I am like so many moms raising young girls, scared I'm doing the right thing and learning with pure amazement at the same time! I feel like I have become my mother (don't we all) favorite phrase is "today things are so different than when I/we grew up". The absolute hysteria in that phrase scares me too. I don't want to be scared. I like to think that as a professional, working, college educated women that I can embrace the world we live in. That's why I have been researching Tweens, what they like, do, what's hot and what's trends are going to cost me a fortune in the future! My little girls are the love of my life. By creating this blog, I want a safe internet place for girls and moms to share. This blog is in the infancy stage, but I have big plans for it. So stay tuned.... Read, enjoy, comment. Visit as often as you'd like. I hope together we can build a community for girls and moms to explore, learn and share with one another.

4 responses to “Moms’ lives get easier in 30 seconds or less.”

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