An Open Letter to My Girls

Dear Girls… it’s mom,

I spend every minute of every day with you on my mind. Something happened to me when I became a mom for the first time that I could never describe, so I won’t try. Just know that you both complete me.

You are brilliant–don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I watch as you grow and learn in amazement. The questions you ask me let me know you are aware of the world around you and have inquiring minds to find out more. I hope you keep that thirst for knowledge for the rest of your lives. The world won’t always be as innocent as it appears to you now, but I have no doubt you will excel through it. Here’s a few more things I want you know:

*Your dad and I love you more than life itself.
*We want the absolute best for you.
*Never let some bullying little girl make you feel inferior, and don’t be that bullying little girl to someone else. “Mean Girls” is s syndrome that little girls are born with, I believe, and it continues into womanhood. Shy away from it, don’t participate…get rid of phony friends, and if you aren’t doing something for the purpose you have made others believe..then you better quit!
*Boys don’t stink…(well, not all the time!)
*As you grow up and decide you “like” boys, don’t let one change you. Most likely, your first boyfriend isn’t Mr. Right…better yet, don’t look for Mr. Right..Look for who thinks you are Mrs. Right! Just. The. Way. You. Are.
*Dream Big and follow your heart.
*Can’t never could do anything.
*Don’t lie awake at night telling yourself negative thoughts–EVER–it’s the worst thing you can do.
 *Read alot!
*Study many subjects before you pick a major.
*Follow your passions, YOUR being the operative word, don’t do what you think others want you to do (your dad and I included.. well, within limits).
*Recognize bad habits and stop them before they take over.
*Be Kind to others.
*Find ways to give back to your school, community, and other things dear to you.
*If you are ever having a bad day, go out and help someone else.
 *Your first car is something that will be destroyed one way or another. Wear your seatbelt and dont cry over the first ding. (trust me, I know this one)
*Who you are today is not necessarily who you will be in 20 years. Grow, but try not to embarrass yourself later.
*It’s good to have friends with a variety of interest and personalities.
*Don’t mirror someone else.
*Never let anyone make you feel like you’re not good enough.
 *Laugh alot!
*Laugh at yourself the most!
*Take in a stray at least once.
*Feed the birds and squirrels.
*Plant flowers.
*Buy (or cut) fresh flowers for yourself just for the heck of it and put them in your room.
*Enjoy the days you say you are bored.
*Find a hobby, change hobbies as you change, but always have one.
 *Nobody’s perfect—and that includes you!
*Make mistakes, learn from them, make some more mistakes, learn from them.
*Wash your hair often and spend time and money on yourself.
*Be a good friend.
*You are 2 very different kids, encourage each other’s interests. 
 *Take vacations often.
*Believe me when I say your sister will some day be your best friend for life.
*Write a journal.
*Take tons of pictures along the way.
*Try a new style.
*Get up before daylight and sit quietly to watch the sun rise.
*Stay up til dawn at least once.
*Embrace others and be accepting.
*Bad people are out there, use your best judgment, if you are in danger SCREAM at the top of your lungs!  It is a fear of mine that something would happen to you, know this is why I tell you that you can’t go or that you have to check in all the time. When you have kids you will understand, it never has been about what I think you are doing.
*Play hard everyday.
*You are never too old to play!
*People who complain are miserable, don’t complain! Instead, look for what makes you happy every day.
*You will hear a lot about attitudes in your lifetime, it’s all true. If your attitude is bad you are going to have a tough road.
*Spend time with your family and friends but also learn to spend time alone, and like it.
*Music can be the best medicine.
 *Life is a big puzzle, fitting the pieces together each day and finding what doesn’t fit is part of the journey and the best part.
 *Give everything your best shot.
*If you put your name on it, make sure it’s your best.
*Find a sport you like and participate.
*Friendly competition is good for you. 
*You are going to “hate” your dad and I sometimes, that’s normal. We would be failing you as parents if you didn’t. We understand, and someday you will too.
*Don’t take things so personal all the time.
*A good cry can make you feel better, but A good laugh can make you feel great!
*Try new things
*Be creative
*When someone is mean to you forgive them. You are a captive of your anger.
*Learn to bake.
*Be comfortable in your own skin.
*Don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry” and never be afraid to accept someone’s apology.
*Your life is not predefined and your possibilities are endless.
*Remember, you are an original! Priceless and loved beyond words.

If I could bottle up the best of everything, harm and hurt free, and give it to you, I would. That’s impossible. There is a part of me that wants to keep you small and under my wings, and another part of me that is so fascinated as you grow that I can’t wait to see where the next phase takes you. It’s incredible being your mom, I hope you get to experience mommyhood (if you choose to). Above and beyond all else, I hope you know how much I love you and am honored to be your mom.

When you are old enough to leave the nest, I want you strong enough to fly.

Always, Always, Always!


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About tweenspot

I am like so many moms raising young girls, scared I'm doing the right thing and learning with pure amazement at the same time! I feel like I have become my mother (don't we all) favorite phrase is "today things are so different than when I/we grew up". The absolute hysteria in that phrase scares me too. I don't want to be scared. I like to think that as a professional, working, college educated women that I can embrace the world we live in. That's why I have been researching Tweens, what they like, do, what's hot and what's trends are going to cost me a fortune in the future! My little girls are the love of my life. By creating this blog, I want a safe internet place for girls and moms to share. This blog is in the infancy stage, but I have big plans for it. So stay tuned.... Read, enjoy, comment. Visit as often as you'd like. I hope together we can build a community for girls and moms to explore, learn and share with one another.

3 responses to “An Open Letter to My Girls”

  1. flooperella says :

    From a mommy of one daughter to a mommy of two – this is so beautiful. I hope your daughters will wallpaper their young-adult walls with these words. Very inspiring!

    • tweenspot says :

      Thank you! Funny you mention wallpapering the walls with it. I’ve been working on this post with images of a framed poster with these words in their rooms. My next project is to make it 🙂

  2. raisingherright says :

    Beautiful, I as I read this I could remember specific times I have talked with my girls about one thing or another. I’m thinking of writng my daughter individual letters. I want to let them know what they mean to me and how they have each affected me as a person and a mother. Thanks for your inspiring words!

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