Quick recipes for Super Bowl Party

My super bowl party this year is me, 7 tweens, a couple of preschoolers and 2 brave friends. I’m expecting loads of fun without much work in the kitchen (as you can see from the guest list, I have to be on my toes).  Thought I’d share some super-simple recipes with you in case you need a “no work/kid friendly party” also!

I use these for impromtu parties and to take along with me to others’ parties. They’re super simple, and I never have left overs.


Spread Cream cheese in a pie plate, cover w chili and cheese..bake until bubbly. Serve with chips.

Unwrap Cream cheese, cover with salmon (I use the package salmon) pour spicy cocktail sauce over top. Serve w crackers.

Mix sour cream, Knorr’s vegetable soup mix, thawed (or freshly chopped) spinach. Serve in Hawaiin bread bowl and use the broken bread pieces to eat. Delish!


Mix Popcorn, Pretzel sticks, marshmallows, cheerios, and M&M. ( I leave out peanuts b/c of allergies, but they are a great addition). This one kids will love. Others things that you can add or mix and match:
chocolate covered raisins, almonds, any type of cereal, sesame stix, dried fruit, pecans. Use popcorn as your base and throw in whatever you like.

or try this w/out popcorn.

Pretzels, wasabi peas, chex mix, spicy peanuts, sesame stix, and yogurt covered raisins.

Hot appetizers

Meatballs: place frozen meatballs in crockpot. Add crushed pineapple, bbq sauce, mustard. cook 4-6 hours.
here’s another one: meatballs, grape jelly and chili sauce.

Serve on platter using toothpicks in meatballs.

Chicken kickers:

dice chicken breast, place chicken piece inside hollowed slice of jalepeno,  wrap in bacon, roast in oven until bacon is crisp and chicken is done. These are great on the grill too if you have time.

Boil Beer ( I know, what a waste right?) add shrimp and cook. Drain and serve.

Cold Appetizers

Dice cucumber and avacodo, tomatoes, and red onions. Mix together olive oil, garlic and salt. Toss all to coat. Serve with pita chips.

chop raw broccoli very fine, toss with cranberries and cole slaw dressing. serve w pita chips. (This was a huge hit at my last part)

boil shrimp and cool. toss with diced red onions, garlic, olive oil, 1 tsp mayonaise, crushed red pepper. Chill in fridg unti time to eat.

Dice vodiala onion in fine pieces, add one cup mayo and one cup sour cream. Spread in pie plate. serve w cracker or pita chips.

Kid Friendly

mixed fruit tossed w poppy seed dressing

wrap hotdog weenies w thawed pretzel dough. Bake until golden brown. Serve w mustard or cheese dip

Fruit skewers. Just dice up your favorite fruits and put on bamboo skewers. Kids will think it’s fun and mom sneaks in good for you food. (I also skew an occasional piece of cheese, carrot, celery– mix and match at your pleasure)

mix sharp cheddar cheese, cream cheese, chili powder and ham in mixer until smooth. Shape into football. Pipe soft white cheese (from can) to make the final football touches. Serve this cheese “ball” with crackers.

Sundae fun:

I buy vanilla frozen yogurt. An assortment of toppings and let the kids make their own sundaes. It is Super Bowl “Sundae” isn’t it?






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4 responses to “Quick recipes for Super Bowl Party”

  1. MamaMoo says :

    Yummy! Thanks for the variety of recipes all in he place. Easy and yummy = my kind of food!

    • tweenspot says :

      did you try any of these? I’m now looking for the same kind of simple things for Valentine’s day! My next post is going to ask for help..hope you will share you’re skills 🙂

  2. Melly & Yaya says :

    Yummy! This is great and easy enough for those “Tweens” to do!

    Please come check out our page…we’re new to the blog world! :o)


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