I am a working mom of 2 young girls. Looking to make the right choices with them, have fun with them, and introduce mature, self-confident young women to society someday.
This blog is my ride along the way.

I believe in the Bill of Rights, what you think IS what you become, family is still the most important thing, the value of spending time helping others, flower gardening is great therapy, excercise makes you live longer, happiness is a choice, old fashion sweet tea is a summer thrill, manners are stilll important, heights are for the birds, everyone plays a role in our economy, politics are a necessary evil, cute shoes are a must, imperfection is beauty, friends are godsends, some people just aren’t worth the effort, a handwritten note has more value than anything these days, music is a cure-all, nothing beats a fine wine, working smart, when you stop learning…you’re dead, and that everyone I have ever met came into my life for reason. Life is short. Work hard, play hard…and never, ever take a second of your time for granted~

Welcome to Tweenspot. I’m pleased to meet you and glad you are here.  Thank you~ Leave comments anytime.


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