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Something Besides A Chocolate Bunny


Easter is almost here and it’s time to fill baskets of goodies for your kids. Problem is now they’re gettling a little older and the bubble blow won’t excite them any longer. Maybe it’s your niece, nephew, friend, or grandkid and you don’t see them daily?  I received a call this morning from my mother in law asking for suggestions. That conversation sparked this post.

Here’s a few ideas for both girls and boys ages 9-13. I’ve heard these “I wants” first hand as I am constantly in ear shot of my daughter and her friends while they are hanging out at my house. Surprisingly, most are very simple and can easily make a great Easter basket treat.

Pattern Duck Tape: They use it to make bows, rings and bracelets. They add it to their skateboards for “better grip” and plain ole duct tape is not acceptable. I was asked to get zebra and pink camoflouge. Don’t be surprised if it is displayed at the toe of their basket ball shoes. Glow in the dark on converse shoes is funny…(oh and one of my neighbor boys made a cup holder for his bicycle out of neon green)

Why not a fish? Beta fish live with little care. There’s no big aquirium or equipment. Ours, Charlie, is happy as can be in his 1 gallon beta tank. He’ll be a year old soon. If you’re giving this as a gift, it’s nice to ask the parents first.

Here’s a few more ideas randomly selected for both boys and girls

glitter lotion, scented lotions and body wash, hair bows, a flat iron, skateboard, moon shoes, basketball, soccer ball, or ping pong set, bad mitton, football, itunes card, apple store gift card, gift certificate to for a favorite treat or game center, a kite, beach towels, tickets to the movies, magazines, nail polish, nail stickers, play tattoos, cell phone case, purse, earrings, baseball cap, flip flops, surf shirt, diary, fishing pole, sidewalk paint or chalk, graffic tshirt, notepads and pens, shell bead anklets or necklaces, finger paints, insulated water bottle, painted tumbler with their initial, mix matched sock, crazy straws, silly string.

Oh, they will still love the chocolate bunny, especially if he looks kind of quirky or has big ears.

Happy Easter.

Help a girl out here will you?!?!

Party, Party, Party!!! I’m looking for your help here!

My little girl turns 4 next week. Her birthday is the day after Valentine’s day. It’s also in the middle of the week so her party won’t be until the weekend after.  Already scheduled to take cupcakes to school on her day and let’s not forget the Valentine’s preschool party either. Do you see where this is going? That’s right…Valentine’s Day, Birthday, then Birthday Party+ 2 school parties all in 3 days.  Wow! that’s alot of sugar!!

I can’t let her day go by without doing something! I’m looking for ideas to help celebrate without cake, cake, and more cake.  Ok, I have a confession….there must be cake at her party…and something with a candle in it on her actual birthday! Period. No options. But at the same time, I don’t want 2 birthday parties.

Suggestions please?!?! (some of you are VERY crafty, don’t hold back)  If I use your idea, I promise to blog about it and link back to your site with tweets and facebook mentions too!


Holly 🙂

PS. Did I tell you,  I love you for answering this post!!

Tis the Season to shop for Tweens!

Tweens can be hard to buy for. Not yet teenagers but still not kids. Having to find the perfect gift for one can be difficult if you aren’t used to their company. Here’s a list I came up with to help you find the perfect gift for your family or friend Tween on your list this year!

Tween Girls

  1. Girls love boots!:  House/lounge boots instead of slippers are a great choice. Anything Boots! Esp. the fuzzy ones.
  2. Some new board games: (act out, 20 questions, truth or dare, etc) girls at this age love slumber parties. At my house the games come out late at night!
  3. Craft kits: Found at local hobby shops you can find homemade spa, pedicure, painting rocks, jewelry making and others). Always a big hit with mine.
  4. Overnight bags: These girls are on the go. The have their weekends planned and a sporty new overnight bag is something to brag about.
  5. Accessories: Hair accessories like clips and bows, gloves, scarfs, hats. Fingerless gloves are “super cool” right now..esp with a matching scarf
  6. Sports: yes, girls like sports. Especially at this age. If you can ask a parent their favorite-great, if not…anything outdoor ball. Soccer, basketball, softball, band mitten. Maybe they like Cheer and Gymnastics…if so, how about a mat for their tumbling?
  7. Video games: Handhelds are in! Find out what system they have and add to their collection of games
  8. Nail Polish: Make her day with a few bright colors of polish. Lime green, blue, yellow, orange. My tween likes to paint each nail a new color or choose a pattern.
  9. Mini Locker or locked jewelry box: Privacy is a big deal. It’s cool to lock up only what they and their BFF’s can see
  10. Diary or Journal: Prime time for one of these!

Tween Boys:

  1. Sports: Baseballs, basketballs, footballs. Anything that causes them to get out and play a contact sport!
  2. Video games: Just like the girls, find out their system and add to their collection.
  3. Wierd Science Kits: you can find these kits at the local hobby store too. They can make chemistry projects, etc and little boys love this stuff!
  4. Models: It’s prime time to build a rocket, spaceship or race car!
  5. Nerf shooters: anything that shoots a nerf ball or arrow. Better ask mom first, but they love them.
  6. Football jerseys: who’s their favorite team ? get the jersey, you’re a hit! (can’t find a jersey? team sweatshirts are super cool too)
  7. Games: find a game that pops up, interacts or involves a robot and they’re happy.
  8. Pogo Sticks: Jumping up and down is right up their ally.
  9. Paint ball: again you better ask their mom first, but paint ball and all accessories is something they all love.
  10. Remote control: anything remote control…cars, boats, helicopters. You simply can’t go wrong if it’s remote control!

Here’s a few things you can give to boys or girls at this age:

Movie passes, tickets to an event, gift cards to the game store, pajamas, winter hats, gift cards to load their mp3 players (if they use apple products, an itunes gift card), cd’s, rubber boots, app store credits, locked boxes for personal items, toy store gift cards, posters for their rooms, magazine subscriptions, tickets to a sport event or silly slippers, bag full of small things that would be stocking stuffers( this group .

My house is full of tweens everyday, these are the items I hear from boys and girls alike. Hope this list helps!

Merry Christmas!