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Awww, Spring has Sprung

courtesy @AmySalterPhoto

Welcome Spring, my favorite time of year.

Today, as we mark the first day of Spring, we’ve received 2+ inches of rain and a cool front. Rubber boots, an umbrella, and a light sweater make for a fun day. Wish we had more days like this.

Flowers are blooming and I’m so thankful my small cherry and lemon trees didn’t parish in the frost, they have bright green leaves coming out on those ugly twigs. Roses are beautiful and my garden is planted. A few added annuals to the flowerbed this weekend and I’m all set.

One of the best things about Spring is the renewal it brings. Sunny skies and increased energy. A feeling of hope and inspiration. Good bye Winter Blues, I’ll see you next year!!  I have a long list of things that need to be done before then. Spring cleaning the closets and garage are symbolic for clearing my mind and renewing my spirit. I’m looking forward to learning new things and meeting new challenges, thinking creatively. When the rain clears I just may move my office outside for the day.

Happy Spring!

A thousand words are spoken here.

We are attracted to people and circumstance that are there to evolve us to a higher lever. We may experience hard times emotionally or financially, but how we react to those times determines our futures. It may sound complicated, but it’s really very simple. If you react to what happens in your life with a positive attitude and focus only on going forward, you will change your mind, broaden your world and see a much better future. “rest if you must, but don’t you quit”.

Spinning the wheel.

My mind is Going round and round like a hampster in the wheel. I tell myself “focus” and all this clutter in my head will come together. I’ve got spring fever. Business prospecting, blogging, gardening, family dinner, spring break, appointments and deadlines to meet. Of all the time off we got from school as kids, I miss spring break the most. Even more than winter break for the whole month during college. Just 5 days, no calls or deadlines….a recharge of me! I call that spring cleaning my mind first. As I sit here typing, I have created yet another thing to go through my head ! I need a spring break “time out” ! where to go, what to do? or maybe not? who knows….that’s a whimp that just popped into my head.

Insane rambling is how i feel today and NO I’m not on drugs. Don’t agree with that, never have. Maybe I am just high on life. Or overwhelmed…the jury is still out. I have so many ideas and things I want to do.

Chasing Crazy Dreams…or are they crazy at all?

My little girl heard a commercial on the radio recently. “Kids, do you want to be on tv?” That was all it took for the begging to begin, “mom, PLEASE take me there!!”. For a moment I thought of all the reasons why not, then suddenly it hit me “there really is NO reason why she can’t”. As her parent, I am always preaching to her that she can do anything she sets her mind to, she’s just as good and important as anyone else. So on this day, the lesson came to practice what I preach. I hesitantly picked up the phone and called, within minutes we had an appointment Saturday morning. She was so excited she was crying in my car. I will never forget her next words “Oh my gosh, I so can’t believe you called for me!! I thought you’d tell me a hundred ways I couldn’t go”. With tears in my eyes, I proudly told her, (as if I hadn’t initially thought why not) that there was no reason why she should not have that opportunity if that is what she wants to do. For me, it was a lesson in her confidence and self-esteem. To tell a child that they can become anything is one thing, to show them is something else. I knew from that very moment in the car that she would remember this for the rest of her life! I felt like I had accomplished something as her mom, by just telling her we’d go, I had given her a different perspective on what she thought her limits are.
We went to that audition early the next day. I was so proud of her. To me it was not whether or not she made it, it was the fact that she was all dressed in her Sunday Best, ready to give something she wanted her best shot! And silently it was a proud moment as her mom that I was showing her that I loved her and believed she could do anything!
Being on TV has been something she has wanted to do and talked about for years. And at her age, that’s more than 1/2 of her life already 🙂 I never cared if she made it, I did care that she knew I was supporting her. She didn’t make it, but she learned alot. She and I both learned a valuable lesson in confidence and self-esteem. Do I think she’ll keep trying? absolutely!! I also think from now on when there’s something she is doubting whether or not she can do it, she’ll remember that experience, and will doubt herself less and less. It taught me that not all things kids want to do are crazy dreams or “for someone else”, it taught me that we can go out and experience new things, exhilarate ourselves through others, and all the way boost the confidence and self-esteem of our kids. My goal as her and her sister’s mom is to someday produce to the world 2 healthy, vibrant and confident kids. That day we got one step closer.
If she wants to try a thousand more times, I’ll take her. If she changes her mind and never wants to do it again, I know she’ll have a better understanding of herself and her ability to take with her on any new adventure.
And if someday she packs a bag and heads to Hollywood with only a handful of dollars, I won’t be a bit surprised!!!

My kids and summer are my 2 favorite things. The “old dog days of summer” hot/humid and lots of time with the girls!! Love it.